Virginia Beach is not where I was born, but it is my home. It is where I chose to raise my four children, where I have spent my adult life, and where I plan to stay. It is the place I love—from its sparkling ocean to its soaring military presence, to the restaurants, museums, businesses, neighborhoods, and schools—for me, it is truly the ‘shining city’ by the sea. 

Whether you are looking for urban style condo in Town Center, a four bedroom colonial in Ocean Lakes, or an eclectic beach cottage in Shadowlawn, I know where it is and I can help you find it. Are you attracted to the strong military presence near Little Creek Amphibious Base, the tight knit oceanfront neighborhoods, or maybe the sprawling southern farmland to the south? Whatever area calls you, I will help you explore to your hearts content until the right place beckons to you and you know you’ve found the one.

If you are selling your home, moving on, moving out, moving away or coming back, I can leverage my understanding of this community into the best possible price for your home. Through staging, marketing, helping your house shine and attracting just the right buyer, I will see the beauty of your home and help it be all that it can be. I know that moving and saying goodbye to a house that was once your home can be exciting and sometimes difficult, and I will make that process as easy as possible as you transition into a new chapter of your life.

I would be honored to partner with you as you transition from one phase of life to another through your home sale or search. I will relate to you as a military daughter, wife, and mother. As a retired teacher, I will understand how important the right neighborhood and school are for your child. As a friend, I will ensure that you feel heard and understood at each stage of the process. As a dedicated professional, I will attend to the details of your home sale or purchase with as much concern as I would my own. I will put my heart, my energy, and my dedication into every interaction we have. That is the embodiment of my commitment to you. As your real estate agent, I will do so much more than sell you a house. I will help you find your way home. 

Licensed in Virginia
Member of Hampton Roads Realtor Association (HRRA)
Member of Virginia Association of Realtors (VAR)
Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Wheaton College
Master of Arts in Education, Old Dominion University
Former teacher, partnership coordinator, and director of community relations, Virginia Beach City Public Schools
Education consultant, parenting and customer service training, dealing with difficult people

Melissa Crooks photo

“Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.” 

Melissa McClone